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In the current context, innov’ICTion offers 2 hours of assistance to new Teams users to set up telework. The goal is to help you in the commissioning and handling of Teams.

Who can benefit?
Any organization that does not yet have Office 365 or are not already using Microsoft Teams can benefit from this help.

What are the purposes?
During this support session, we will be able to train you so that you are able to perform the following actions: install Teams on computer and / or on the phone, create a team, channels and invite collaborators, discover the functionality of interactive meetings and share files and work on them via Word / Excel / Powerpoint in a collaborative manner in complete security.
Also, we can enlighten you on the many subtleties linked to Teams, more difficult to identify without the help of an expert (security rules, differences between a team and a channel, takeover option, integration of additional applications …). Finally, throughout the discussions, you will benefit from feedback and good practices allowing you to accelerate and adapt your appropriation. To go further, our services can complete this first session.

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